This newsletter project was a return to my roots.

Linda Aragoni
Linda Aragoni

I grew up in the southern Catskills near White Sulphur Springs, NY, on a road that didn’t have a name until I was in my teens. My family, and most other families around us, farmed in a small way but depended on “working out” to pay the bills.

My first newsletter, published when I was  9, contained agricultural news (the geese hatched), a marketing success story (Dad had sold a garden tiller), and an entrepreneurship story about “our ice cream man” (John Huff) who built a business delivering homemade ice cream.

Marketing NewsCard, a 8.5 x 5.5-inch postcard newsletter
Big postcard marketing newsletter  was made for busy, rural NY SBOs.

Since then I’ve written for some huge organizations (such as General Electric), and many medium sized ones such as Bassett Healthcare, At-A-Glance (now Acco Brands), and The Otsega Resort Hotel). Much of my work-for-hire, however, has been for small, rural businesses and non-profits strapped for both cash and time such as Madison Vinyl, Zaveral Racing EquipmentProspect, and the Delaware County ARC.

These days, I write primarily for my own educational publishing projects. To keep up with changes in digital publishing means I skim a lot of information every day—some 60 blogs plus email newsletters and resources recommended by folks in my Twitter feed.

The best of  what I read gets sorted, tagged, categorized, and filed into Evernote.

Since I’d already done the heavy work, I figured I’d try curating a newsletter for other small business people in rural communities who don’t have access to the kinds of information resources available to larger rural businesses or to small businesses in cities.

Dual function publication worked as a brochure and self-mailing newsletter.

Newsletter for a planning-decorating service

My initial test failed to turn up enough interest from small chambers of commerce will be willing to buy the newsletter as a member benefit. So rather than move the blog posts to a dedicated email service, I set the idea aside.

I’ve wasted a little time.

But I met some great people.

That’s good enough.

~ Linda Aragoni