Get ready for challenges

All small business owners in rural New York face daily challenges. We’ve gathered some ideas to help you confront them. A set of the ideas are geared toward food producers and food businesses.

Cybersecurity tips on Slideshare

Small businesses are a popular target of cybercriminals because they typically act as if they are too small to be attractive to criminals. Microsoft has turned its popular ebook on cybersecurity into a Slideshare presentation which you can view (and share on your blog or via email for free). The tips emphasize small things you can to that have a big impact on your data security.

Find savings to boost retail workers’ pay

To pay for mandated wage increases, a company has three options (1) increase labor productivity (2)raise prices (3) lose profits. Simply cutting employee hours is not a viable solution. This article looks at three ways a low-paying retailer can increase labor productivity to cover the increased wage costs.

Success tips for a landscaping business startup

There are certain tasks you’ll need to do no matter which services your landscaping business chooses to offer. These 10 tips can help you do the basics well.

How to start a business Snapchat account

Image-based platforms are today’s hottest social media. If your business depends heavily on customers’ ability to see products, a Snapchat account may work for you. This article describes and shows with screenshots how to set up a Snapchat business account.

Money is going out of style

About half of all transactions in the US today involve a non-cash payment, and the population between 18 and 34 would give up cash entirely if they could.  Learn more about the trend toward a cashless future.

Greenhouse growers can avoid pesticide use

A project is to educate growers about applying biocontrol materials  to control greenhouse pests includes four workshops to be held in Schenectady on  Sept. 15, Sept. 27, Oct. 4, Oct 11, 2016. Get more information here.

Learn to grow mushrooms for home or sale

Mushrooms are an emerging niche New York State. Learn how to cultivate shiitake, oyster, lions mane, and stropharia mushrooms for home or small-farm scale production at a Cultivated Mushroom Workshop on Sept. 29  in Cazenovia. Participants will inoculate their own log to take home to get them started.

Edible food wrappers made from milk

Peggy Tomasula, D.Sc., and colleagues from  the U.S. Department of Agriculture are developing an environmentally friendly replacement for plastic packaging. The new product is made of  milk proteins. The scientist’s work was presented Aug. 22 at this year’s National Meeting of the American Chemical Society . See a ACS video about the product on YouTube.

Food safety workshops scheduled in Delhi

Beginning September 1, two-hour workshops on alternate Thursday evenings and monthly all-day Saturday workshops on food safety will be offered by AgriForaging at the Delaware County eCenter in Delhi. Click to see details, including costs, of September’s workshops.

Feast spotlights Saratoga foods and chefs

The annual Feast of the  Fields showcasing locally produced foods prepared by local chefs will be held Sept. 15 at Saratoga National Golf Club to benefit Saratoga PLAN, a nonprofit land trust. Details including a list of the featured chefs and farms are available on the PLAN website.



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