Customer service as marketing

In November, 2014,  Peter Shankman predicted, based on a minor Facebook change, that customer service would soon be the essential marketing tool.  This issue of RNYSBO looks at the marketing-service link today.

Why customers’ experience matters in 2016

Today a business in a rural community that’s doesn’t warrant a four-way stop on the state highway is competing with the best businesses in the world. That means your customers expect you to deliver the same level of service as Amazon, Apple, and Zappos. If you don’t deliver world-class service, they will go to a business that does.

4 simple reasons good restaurants go under

About 60 percent of restaurants fail in their first three years,  according to a report published by a Cornell University journal. You can probably guess that one reason is poor service.  Learn all four reasons in this Boston Globe Magazine article.

Customer feedback grows business 18 ways

Knowing you value their opinions makes customers feel good.  Learn another 17 reasons regularly surveying your customers and soliciting their feedback is essential to growing your business.

Millennials won’t phone customer support

Millennials would rather get a root canal than have to call someone to get the help they need. If you’re not providing help in ways they want help, they’ll buy their products elsewhere. And Elsewhere is gearing up to grab the millennials’ business.

Build a community of raving fans

On a scale of 1 to 5, a business’s relationship with its customers can range from (1) tolerating customers to (5) delivering mind-boggling customer service. If you want raving fans who always choose your business for the products/services you sell, you need to provide customer service that exceeds customer expectations.

Tools for managing customer relationships

Customer relationship management systems allow businesses to track sales leads, convert leads to sales quickly, manage customer support, and follow up for repeat business. Despite the benefits, small businesses aren’t taking advantage of CRMs. A SBA blog post by a business owner whose company is evaluating CRMs is packed with tips for comparing CRM software solutions and making moving to a CRM less difficult.

8 free CRM tools for small businesses

Although CRM software can be pricey, there is some good, free CRM software. Top of the list is small business solutions provider, whose CRM is free for up to 10 users. Zoho and the other providers on the list focus on  making their product intuitive as well as affordable.


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