Threats and opportunities

Some business threats are real threats. Others can be mitigated or even turned to your advantage. And opportunities are all around.

Retail ATMs may shut down as chips move in

ATM owners in the U.S. have to replace or upgrade their machines to accept chip cards by October, 2016, or face liability for certain types of fraud. Up to 10 percent of non-bank or  “retail ATMs” may be junked as too costly to replace. How could the potential loss of ATMs affect your rural small business? What’s your backup plan?

eBay goes AMP—and what it means to you

e-Bay recently deployed Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages coding on  8 million pages.  Google gives preference in search engine rankings to fast-loading, mobile-ready pages. Soon your website will need AMP pages to be found in Google search.

Farmers can get malt barley crop insurance

Starting next year, crop insurance for malting barley will be available in four upstate counties. If a farmer with a contract to sell malting barley has a crop failure, the insurance pays up to 1.85 times the market price for the loss. New York’s farm brewing law, designed to aid the craft beverage industry, requires that a certain percentage of grain used in production be grown in state.

Your online ads are a waste of money

The click-through rate for all online display ads is less than 1 percent.   This blog posts gives four basic lessons in visual advertising that will help your  online ads produce better results. The ideas work for print ads, too.

Farm and food biz incubator has openings

Oneonta-based CADE and SUNY Cobleskill are seeking participants in their incubator, which provides business training and value-added product development facilities for new and expanding farm and food entrepreneurs. The Farm & Food Business Incubator offers on-farm and in-depth workshops, in addition to an intensive business planning course.

Video: 10 non-tech startup ideas

Skills that might seem a little old fashioned like woodworking, baking, and cleaning can still lead to successful business opportunities.A 3-minute video presents 10 low-tech business ideas.

Free Illustrator alternative in your browser is a free new graphic design program for designing things such as logos, illustrations, and website mockups. The browser-based program works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera on Windows, Mac, Linux and ChromeOS on a host of devices. Gravit offers lots of tutorials and a support community in addition to usual customer support.

Free Foxit Reader gains Connected PDF tech

The free software program Foxit Reader which lets you read,  create, annotate, and print PDF files, now integrates—also for free—with a set of cloud-based services that let you track where your PDFs went and who opened them—a lifesaver for firms emailing sensitive information.


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Linda Aragoni

I read. I write. I think. I make big ideas simple. I help teachers teach expository writing to teens and adults. In my free time, I read and review old novels.

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