Customer connections

In this issue:

  • mobile’s importance;
  • scaling  up;
  • customer service;
  • chat technology;
  • online business reviews;
  • Facebook marketing mistakes;
  • market differently;
  • ProFarmer training.

GM food bill shows mobile’s importance

The bipartisan Senate deal to require nationwide labeling of genetically modified organisms, (GMOs) in packaged foods, shows how central mobile devices are to today’s shoppers. Instead of the words “produced with genetic engineering,”  the Senate bill allows a smartphone accessible label, such as a QR code.

12 ways to scale your business

Ready to grow your business? This article will show you a dozen ways you can use to reach customers wherever they are in the sales funnel. (It also explains what the sales funnel is and why it’s important.)

5 consumer service stats you must know

Here in five sentences (plus an optional slideshow)  are the most important facts you need to know now about the service your customers expect from your business.

Chat technology lets you engage customers 1:1

If you’re not considering chat technology for your website, maybe you should be. The typed, real-time, website-based interactions between customers and staff have been found to boost the value of online sales by 19%. Its ability to convert about-to-be-abandoned shopping carts to sales is just short of miraculous.  Read earlier posts about PureChat service which later added the ability to guide you to the best times to be available to chat.

Test chat yourself. The next time you have a customer service problem with one of the companies known for lousy service, if the website has a chat feature, use it. You’ll see the responses, be able to ask a follow up question, and usually get a transcript of the entire conversation.

Get good reviews, handle poor ones well

Positive online reviews are a major factor in customers’ choice of businesses. They also play an important role in local search engine optimization. Learn how to leverage reviews, both good and bad, for business growth.

10 unforgivable Facebook marketing mistakes

People are sick of businesses that flood Facebook news feeds with sales messages and too many updates. Your business needs a documented—as in written down— Facebook marketing strategy to keep from making 10 mistakes customers won’t forgive.

Unleash the power of marketing differently

Many small business owners have become steeped in their traditional marketing habits, and have been very slow to adopt newer marketing strategies. Today’s marketing is different, but different doesn’t need to be scary. Marketing differently can be good.

ProFarmer trainees sought for 2017

Sept. 9 is deadline to apply for the 2017 ProFarmer program of the Hudson Valley Farm Hub, a non-profit center for resilient agriculture in Hurley, NY. Read details about the multi-year, residential training program.



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