Faster and easier

Reaching mobile users;
Reading pdfs;
Finding a lawyer;
Creating a press kit;
Saving for retirement;
Learning about meat production;
Slaughterhouse rules;
Craft beverage tax credits.

Tips from Google on reaching mobile users

If you are going to reach today’s buyers, you need to be mobile savvy. Google has a booklet of four easy-to-grasp tips on how to reach customers at any stage in their customer journey, plus lots of examples of how to implement the tips.  Get your free 28-page, downloadable pdf.

Fast, light, free Adobe reader alternatives

To read pdfs, such as the Google booklet discussed above, you need a pdf reader. The most familiar,  Adobe Reader, not only is plagued by security problems—which no small business owner needs—but is slow. Learn about three safer, faster alternatives tested and approved by PCWorld.

Finding a lawyer just got easier

A lawyer and an entrepreneur teamed up to create Legal Services Link, an online service that lets you find, compare, and connect with attorneys at the click of a button.  You need to set up an account, but the website’s matching service is free for individuals and businesses.  The actual hiring process proceeds in the normal (off-line) manner.

Easy press kit creations service

PressKitHero gathers all the information a journalist needs to cover your business, creates a hosted press kit with a custom domain name, and hosts it where journalists can find everything they need to write about your business. There’s a 30-day free trial, no credit card required. Continuing will cost $5/$20 per month, depending on whether you accept/reject the “powered by PressKitHero” link.

6 steps for SBOs saving for retirement

Retirement is the biggest risk facing entrepreneurs who are already struggling with the challenges of running a small business in a fiercely competitive market. Here are six simple steps to help you tackle the retirement planning process right from the start.

Beef seminar draws sell-out crowd

A one-day Beef Cutting Seminar co-hosted by SUNY Cobleskill and Harvest New York attracted 15 beef producers from seven counties interested in learning about cuts of meat, consumer preferences, pricing strategies, and marketing tactics. Additional classes will be held for other meat producers.

News: Slaughterhouse restriction extended

New York lawmakers have voted to continue for four more years a prohibition set to expire this year against state licensing of slaughterhouses within 1,500 feet of a residence.

News: Tax credits expand to wine, spirits, cider

The state Beer Production Credit has become the Alcohol Production Credit with the inclusion of  New York’s wine, spirits, and cider industries. The credit is expected to save wineries, distillers and cideries $4 million over the next two years, allowing them to reinvest in their businesses.


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I read. I write. I think. I make big ideas simple. I help teachers teach expository writing to teens and adults. In my free time, I read and review old novels.

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