Law firm business

This extra issue of Rural NY SBO is specifically for small New York law practices, which have a distinct set of challenges in rural communities.

Law office tips on buying billing software

Legal Tech News tells seven things a law firm should know before it invests in time and billing software. [ALM subscribers only; subscription is free.]

Use SEO to market your law practice

Clients are lazy. If they are looking for a law practice with a specific specialty, they turn to Google.  To increase your chances of being chosen, your website’s pages need to be search engine optimized to prove your firm does what the client is seeking.

This explanation from a company that does law firm advertising explains what’s involved in SEO. This  explains why location information is so important to potential clients.

7 ideas for marketing to existing clients

Just because you don’t give clients discount coupons doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about ways to tell past clients about additional help you could provide. This post from the SBA blog suggests some ways to to that.

Biggest threats to your firm’s data: employees

The biggest threat to your law firm’s security is your own employees. Data breaches most often occur due to simple employee negligence or oversight, such as accidentally emailing confidential information. Learn five steps take to develop email compliance standards to safeguard your sensitive information.

How to write a business plan

A detailed explanation of how to write a business plan capable of becoming a tool for managing a growing law practice is one of the small law firm resources available from the New York City Bar Association. It is written by Robin Kravitz, Esq.

Artificially intelligent “lawyer” is hired

Baker & Hostetler recently reported it has licensed the artificial intelligence product developed by ROSS Intelligence for bankruptcy matters.

Is social media worth the investment?

Five legal technology marketing experts suggest ways to make social media pay off for your law firm. [ALM subscribers only; subscription is free.]

Protect your most valuable data

Legal tech industry  experts warn  it is no longer a question of if cybercriminals will get in, but when.  To protect your firm, start “mapping business functions … and … the systems used to support those functions.” Read more. [ALM subscribers only; subscription is free.]

Attorney-client quick match service

Legal Services Link automates the process of connecting someone seeking legal services to an attorney with appropriate expertise. There’s no sign-up fee for an attorney to view postings, but updating to premium in order to reply to postings requires an annual fee of $250.


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