Make the most of summer

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can take a vacation from your business. Planning and marketing are two jobs that need to be done year round. Some news of particular interest to farmers and would-be farmers is here, too.

List your SBO on Bing places for Business

While Google is the big name in search engine land, other smaller SE’s have their fans, some of whom may be customers looking for what you have to offer. These directions will help you get your business listed on Bing.

Note: Be sure your essential NAP information—name, address, phone number) is identical on each search engine. For example, don’t use Route 28 as your address on Google and Rt. 28 as your address on Bing.

Free read: 27 Strategies for Raising Capital

Startup Wisdom by Maury Forman and Jordan Tampien presents 27 different strategies for raising capital. Forman is with the Washington State Department of Commerce Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness, but the strategies are applicable in all states. The book is free to read online or download.

Seasonal marketing is always in season.

Read 10 strategies for optimizing each marketing season even if your products or services aren’t seasonal.

Keep the local content coming

It’s hard to rank well in search unless your website is regularly being updated. Even a local business with little local competition needs to keep adding new, quality content.

Young farmers get help to grow

The New Farmers Grant Fund has awarded  $743,000 in grants to support 25 early-stage agricultural businesses across New York State.  See a list of the recipients here.

Registrations are due by July 1 for a week-long Armed to Farm workshop for New York State military veterans who have been farming less than 10 years or want to start farming. Get information and register for the free program which begins Aug. in Hamilton.

Farmers 18-35 years old can  apply for the Achievement Award or the Excellence in Agriculture Award by submitting their applications to the New York Farm Bureau website or contacting NYFB at 1-800-342-4143. by Aug. 15, 2016.  See eligibility requirements and applications.

Can essay contest fund retirement?

Metropolitan newspapers have been laying off staff for years. Many small rural newspaper publishers are in their sixties and seventies. One of them, the owner of The Hardwick Gazette in Vermont is making his newspaper operation the prize in an essay contest. He hopes enough ex-news staffers enter so the $175 entry fee equals half his paper’s annual gross income.


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