B2B booster steps

To be competitive, a small, rural business-to-business firm must make really good use of its resources. Learn small ways to boost your B2B profitability.

Optimize email for opens and clicks

B2B email marketing is a dependable and cost-effective workhorse. To get the most opens and clicks, optimize those emails. Also check out what’s trending in email design now. Spoiler: Designing for mobile first and sharability are big in 2016.

Tips for marketing to millennials

Almost half (46%) of today’s B2B consumers are now millennials, according to a 2015 study commissioned by Google. Learn nine ways boring brands are marketing successfully to millennials.

Have a conversation to help buyers buy

To help buyers buy, which accelerates the sales process, you actually have to talk to them. Research proves you don’t need a face-to-face conversation: A phone call works just as well.

Identify who makes the buying decision

One of the biggest mistakes that B2B sales organizations tend to make is confusing the “end user” of their solution with the “decision maker” for the purchase. Research and build relationships with various stakeholders and decision makers as part of the long sales process.

Make an awesome About Us page

What does a website visitor need to know about you and your business to compel them to stick around? Learn tips for your About Us page  content, layout, design, and concept.

Gated B2B content: When, why, how

Gating content means you restrict access to people willing to give you information in exchange for it, usually via a form fill. Invest the time to review (or create) a content marketing strategy before you decide what elements of that content to put behind a gate.

Link your solution to  customer’s problem

Your potential customers have:

  • Problems they want to solve
  • Needs they want to meet
  • Desires they want to fulfill

Your website should be the link between what the customers are searching for and your business.  Learn how to supply the missing links.

7 no-link ways to improve local SEO

This article gives specific tips for improving organic traffic through an optimized website, a  Google My Business listing, and local citations (directories).

8 benefits of a business credit card

A recent survey by seven Federal Reserve Banks showed 72% of business owners who apply for a traditional loan get turned down. One of the most common reasons for loan denial was insufficient personal and business credit scores. One of the simplest ways to establish a positive business credit history is by using a business credit card.

Personal touch makes a webinar  stand out

Webinars help B2B firms stand out in crowded market segments. You need solid educational content to attract an audience and a personal voice that holds their attention and showcases your authority on your subject.



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Linda Aragoni

I read. I write. I think. I make big ideas simple. I help teachers teach expository writing to teens and adults. In my free time, I read and review old novels.

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