Video for SBOs

People love video. Search engines and social media platforms love it, too. This issue of Rural New York Small Business Owner focuses entirely on how to get the benefits of video without a huge investment of time and money.

How to leverage the power of video

Tips on how small business owners with limited time can harness the power of video on their websites and on the social media sites they already use.

Video production in 12 simple steps

Although written for people who use video in teaching online courses, this introduction  to video production will work for SBOs, too. It tells what to do and the cheapest tools to use (and some slightly more pricey options). It also includes a link to a webinar, links to some free courses, and links to examples of video productions.

How to create a product page that converts

It is not enough to have a video about your great product or service: You have to make sure customers can find that video. That means paying attention to the product URLs,  titles, and  descriptions which allow customers to find you via a search engine.

How to use YouTube video shopping ads

Google, which owns YouTube, has initiated an e-commerce functionality within YouTube videos so customers can click through to purchase. Learn about the two types of video-embedded ads and how to set them up.  Also, read  elsewhere what Google has to say about using YouTube TrueView to drive retail sales.

Landing page videos boost conversions

Dollar Shave Club showed that videos are a perfect way to tell your business’s story.  Studies show a video on your landing page can increase the conversion rate by up to 86%. ( A landing page is a web page with only one objective, such as to get newsletter signups. The only link choices from a landing page are to accept or decline the call to action.)  Learn how to make an effective landing page video.

Video can go into newsletters, too

This article, which first appeared on the AWeber blog, tells why you’d  use video in email newsletters.  The article links to three other video tutorials on aspects of video for email newsletters. Neither article mentions that some email service providers won’t let email containing video be delivered or shut down when a recipient tries to view a video within newsletter.



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