Internet tips for SBOs

Promote your business in the Internet world by going where your customers are. Using mobile messaging services, making sure your business information is available to search engines, and geo-targeting are a few ways to get there.

Blog your way to increased sales

Blogging is a great way to drive sales, share news, and engage with potential customers–without advertising or selling. If you create your blog as a subdomain of your website, new posts freshen your content and help your website ranking. Read more about how to get the most out of blogging.

Use messaging to connect with mobile users

If retail and service businesses have—or expect to win—any customers under age 35, they need to use messaging. (Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and SnapChat alone have 4.32 billion active users a month!) This article will tell you more about the benefits of using messaging in your business.

Register your business with Google

Businesses with a physical location should register it with Google and keep the registration up-to-date.   This article explains the benefits of taking 10 minutes to register your site with search engines.

Tip 1:  Register even if you don’t have a website and especially if your site is nothing more than a “coming soon” splash page.

Tip 2: Save that information. Copy and paste the information you put on Google into a .txt document. Save the document. Copy and paste from it into corresponding text blocks at other search engines. This keeps your information uniform across the web.

Learn whether geo-targeting is right for your site

Promoting a business to people based on their location can be effective. This article will help you decide whether geo-targeting is good for your business  or if it will turn off more potential customers than it will attract.

Boost your organic website traffic 7 ways

To get the opportunity to convert more website visitors to customers, you need to keep improving your organic website traffic—the people who find you because your site ranked high up in the search engine results for the keyword term they entered in the search box.  This article tells you seven simple ways to boost your search engine ranking.

Don’t become a ransomware victim

Small businesses are increasingly becoming targets of ransomware, a type of malware that freezes certain files on computers and smartphones then requires a ransom to unlock the files. Learn what you can do, besides having everyone with access to your business files use good passwords, to keep from being a victim.


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