8 rural small business resources

This issue contains no mention of Mother’s Day. It does contain capsule descriptions of sources you can consult to help you run your small, rural New York business.

4 essential tech tools for startups

When you’re just starting out in business, it’s tempting to buy the latest technology, but buying the minimum you need is smarter. Learn the four pieces of equipment you’ll need (you probably have some of them) and check the useful tips about ways to save money if you must buy.

Make keeping customers your #1 priority

Much is written about how to get new customers,  but there are seven very good reasons why you should work at holding on to existing customers.

Small business is big cybercrime target

New information shows nearly half of all cybercrime targets small business. The criminals are after information, (your employee payroll records, for example)  cash, and back door access to the big businesses that are your vendors.

What to do on a slow day in a small town

A retailer in a small town in Oviedo in the north of Spain told Becky McCray how she gives lessons on her slow day to encourage people to come to her store. Becky has some suggestions on how you could adapt the idea.

Free webinar 5/17 on social sales strategy

Learn how to take your social media strategy beyond likes, comments, and shares using a three-step marketing and sales campaign. A webinar from noon to 1 PM Tuesday, May 17, will be followed by a Q&A with three social media experts about how to convert more followers into paying customers. Get details and register.

20 popular social media sites

Social media networks are a major resource for both small and big businesses seeking to promote  their brands on the Internet. Skim a list of twenty currently popular SM websites to see if any is a good match for your business, such as photo sharing sites (Pinterest, Instagram) for businesses with strong visual possibilities.

Enhance your image with visual content tools

Visual content can get you big returns for relatively little effort. Learn about eight tools to create content that will connect with your customers.

Learn customer support from your competition

If you want to know what kind of support your customers expect from your B2B operation, go online and look to see what kind of support they expect from your competition.  You’ll discover five important lessons.

Subscriber alert: special edition Saturday

Spring has brought a bumper crop of news information of particular interest to farmers. Tomorrow around noon I’ll be releasing an extra edition of Rural New York Small Business Owner  with content just for farm folks.


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