To connect with customers, be where they are and ask what problem you can solve for them. The blurbs below will tell you about sources that can help.

Let your fingers gather leads with PureChat

If you’ve avoided even thinking about using a chat service on your website because you can’t be available 24/7, there’s good news. PureChat has a free visitor tracking feature which lets you see “see” your website visitors. By looking at the traffic record for the same day in the previous week, you can figure out when the best time for you to be available for live chat

Learn about your visitor’s needs (and get their name and email) during the conversation. PureChat has great potential for small businesses and nonprofits strapped for time and money.

June deadline  for USDA Value-Added grants

Electronic applications are due June 24 and paper applications due July 1  for Value-Added Producer Grants administered by the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development. For assistance, download the free National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s  Farmers’ Guide or visit the USDA VAPG webpage.

6 best advertising strategies for SBOs

By assigning the right amount of advertising money to the right channels, you can get the results you want, or at the least, improve the results you have, based on the data you gather along the way.

Free Google training for SBOs missing online

Free Google workshops will be offered across the US the first week of May to help small businesses improve their online presence. Today 63 percent of small businesses don’t claim or update their local listings on search engines and half of SBOs don’t have websites.

Workshops will be carried out by local partners such as SCORE and the Small Business Development Centers. Check this article to learn about other help available and to find a workshop.

5 ways to use video to sell handmade items

Nothing can showcase the color and texture of your product the way a handmade products video can. Learn ways to use video to showcase handmade products and compel people to buy more of them.

American homes drop Internet for mobile

Since 2013, the number of households using DSL, cable, or fiber connections to get online dropped from 82 percent to 75 percent. In the U.S today, about one in five households goes online mobile-only.

5 easy tricks to generate website leads

An infographic and related article give essential tips to turn surfers into shoppers. Number one is having a mobile-friendly site. The others are simpler to implement.


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