Actionable ideas

Know what car-buyers seek. Get more referrals. Track cash flow. Sign up for B2B search engine now. More actionable ideas.

What are car-buyers seeking online?

Need help knowing where your auto dealership should put its marketing messages? A free report from search engine Bing offers insights to help you sell online.

11 ways to get more referrals

Referrals matter. This article targeted toward retailers and service businesses provides simple tips for getting customers to recommend your business to their friends and family.

Is your business the “best-kept secret?”

You want the name of your business and what it does on the mind of your entire target audience and more. This blog post gives you a few simple ways to begin to put your message out without spending a dime on advertising or marketing.

Send customers on a scavenger hunt

Small Biz Survival reported that an Oklahoma town that created a scavenger hunt as a tourism activity. The sponsors used a single-page flier to send people in search of architectural features in the town.

Your rural small business community could do something similar to what El Reno, OK did, perhaps in conjunction with a farmer market or similar event that draws foot traffic.

Guide aids farmers seeking producer grants

The 2016 Farmers’ Guide to Value-Added Producer Grant Funding is now available for download from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. The guide helps farmers prepare successful funding applications for working capital, feasibility studies, business plans, and marketing efforts to enable them to transform raw goods into higher-value processed products.

Plonked offers B2B firms data to grow with

The  new search engine Plonked could become the premier place for business-to-business companies to find customers,  build a sales pipeline, or secure venture capital.  Learn how Plonked could help your B2B accomplish its business objectives.

Track cash flow with any spreadsheet program

To keep your small business running smoothly, you need to understand cash flow. Businesses don’t just spend profits; they spend cash.  See a  simple explanation plus a graphic that shows how to create a cash flow tracker for a new business using whichever spreadsheet program you have.  The directions explain how to adapt the spreadsheet for an existing business.


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