Press your advantage

Family businesses have 21st century advantage. Fine art sales increasing. More news and insights for rural SBOs to act on.

First steps to engage moms online

With 90% of moms online and 22% shopping online at least once a day, rural small businesses can’t afford not to engage with them. The trick to doing it well is to start by learning what topics are on their minds. Then see if your business has solutions to the problems they’re experiencing.

Family businesses have edge in 21st century

An article in Harvard Business Review says family businesses have the potential to out-adapt other types of businesses and thus to dominate the business world in this century.

Their value-oriented culture is the first reason for that prediction. Read all five reasons family businesses are the next big thing.

Taste NY bolsters access to local food products

Taste NY is partnering with distributor Baldor Specialty Foods to support local agribusinesses and farms. As part of the deal, Baldor’s Pledge Local will make it easier for chefs to secure local foods for their restaurants. Learn more.

Good news for artists, art dealers

One of the major changes in the fine arts industry is a big increase in online sales of one-of-a-kind art items. Prices are up, too. Social media is playing a big role in purchasing decisions. Read more and download the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2015.

S. Tier agriculture gets development money

The first two major projects awarded under the $5 million Southern Tier Agricultural Industry Enhancement program were recently announced. Broome County Cornell Cooperative Extension was awarded $500,000 for a one-stop Agriculture Development Center and a Taste NY Market in Broome County. Cornell University was awarded $627,055 for the Stocker Cattle Initiative to further training and research in the industry which raises weaned calves for others to “finish” by raising them to maturity.


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