Don’t celebrate April Fool’s Day

Just because it’s April 1 is no reason to be foolish about your business marketing. Click below for advice.

Facebook explains News Feed

Apparently many Facebook users are confused by the social media company’s News Feed. Facebook has an interactive explanation of News Feed and why the company has chosen to use it. Near the end of the explainer is information specifically targeted toward business users.

How to gather subscriber feedback

Subscribers to your email newsletter are one of your most important sources of feedback. Learn how to ask for subscriber feedback. The article shows survey forms from two popular tools.

How to create killer CTAs on social media

The key to creating Calls to Action that customers act upon is engaging those customers on social media beforehand. Good images can help. Learn other tips here.

How to recover from a website hack

If yours is one of the 25 percent of all websites that run on the content management system, use the directions in this article to undo the damage and get back in business quickly. Sometimes WordPress has hiccups that cause “the white screen of death.” This article gives tips on dealing with that WordPress problem.

Site owners should notify their customers immediately when a site is offline. Keep people in the loop. Use social media and email all your newsletter subscribers daily about your progress.

How to prevent a website hack

The article about recovering from a website hack includes useful information near the bottom of the page about how to keep from getting hacked.

A website that’s down a week has been down a century in web years. If bots visit your site when it’s unavailable, your site could be removed from the search engine’s index. Getting re-indexed can take months. Be sure you perform routine maintenance to keep your site safe. has a free website management checklist that can help.

See for free how visitors use your website

HotJar translates Google Analytics data into understandable, actionable  information. The site lets you use its service for two weeks free. If your website is at least a year old and not yet pulling at least 250 unique visitors a day, you certainly should take advantage of HotJar’s offer.


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