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Email is a fact of life. Make better use of it to build your rural small business with these suggestions.


Tips for building a better newsletter

Email marketing has the highest return on investment of any type of marketing: 43 percent. If your email isn’t building your business, you’re probably doing something wrong Learn three ways to improve your email newsletter and five ideas to write about to build a better email newsletter for your small-town businesses.


Don’t give away free WiFi: Exchange it

Wavespot offers a way to get something of value for the WiFi service you may be giving away. Customers login to WiFi with social media and automatically enroll in your custom loyalty program. No downloads, no apps, no key cards. You follow up by email. The basic plan is free.  Read more about Wavespot.


How to sound more personal in email

Make the smallness of your small business an asset..Write your email newsletter as if you are speaking personally to the individual reading your it. Here are tips for achieving that personal voice in any business emails.


Increase signups with these website tips

Getting site visitors to give you their email address isn’t easy. Here are some tips to encourage signups that are used by people who sell newsletter subscriptions—their income depends on knowing what works.




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Linda Aragoni

I read. I write. I think. I make big ideas simple. I help teachers teach expository writing to teens and adults. In my free time, I read and review old novels.

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