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Brand growth. User pain point. Search intent. Brand voice. Lead capture. Learn how they apply to a business-to-business operation.

5 drivers of profitable brand growth

If you have very little time to read about marketing, look at BrainJuicer’s distillation of behavioral science in five facts. The flip book is illustrated with marketing cartoons from Tom Fishburne, whose free Marketoonist newsletter was mentioned in RuralNYSBO last year.

Problem first, not product first

If you read many small business websites, you may notice that most all of them focus on the product or service the business sells rather than on what brought the customer to the website in the first place.

If you want visitors to convert to customers, you need to show them how to solve the problem that brought them to your site. Learn how to go about that, how to test how well you website does it, and some tools to use in that testing from this post by content marketer Tim Matthews.

Smart SEO satisfies search intent

If your business has a good website, a substantial number of your site visitors will be folks who had never heard of your business until description of one of your pages was returned in response to a query they typed into a search box.  Google calls this search intent.

Knowing what your visitors are looking for—their search intent—lets you build a strategy for marketing to the folks who come to you via organic search. Your website is wasted without strategies and materials to convert visitors to customers.  Check out the basics of inbound marketing.

How to find a non-boring B2B brand voice

Most B2B marketing (and most B2C marketing!) is boring reading. To learn how to find a voice that makes your B2B distinctive, personable, and really resonates with your audience, check out this article by Chelsea Baldwin.

How to have a successful exhibit

If you are going to take the time to have an exhibit and a trade show or regional business expo, you ought to do put in a serious effort to make sure you get some business as a result. Tips for pre-show, show time, and post event follow-up are succinctly presented here in an infographic.

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