Food businesses

See what’s trendy and innovative within the food service industry.  Or just skim the headlines for an idea that could be adapted to your non-food business or rural community.

Organic farm grows for its own restaurant

After helping build a clean room for microelectronics at General Electric, Lou Lego applied the same filtering strategy to keep his greenhouse spore-free. That’s just one of the innovative ideas Elderberry Pond brought to its farm and restaurant operation near Skaneateles.

Other restaurants are also starting farms to supply their kitchens with fresh produce.

Veggies few and varieties eaten limited in America

Americans should eat 2½ cups of veggies a day but data from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture shows there’s only about 1.7 cups of vegetables available per person in the U.S. Not only are Americans not getting enough vegetables, they’re mostly eating potatoes, tomatoes and lettuces.

Restaurant focuses on healthy Chinese food

Healthy authentic Chinese cuisine with a few western touches, like kale, are featured at Tasty Eats in Middletown, NY. The restaurant uses locally sourced foods whenever possible and does no deep fat frying.

10 sandwich franchises that might replace Subway

If you’re a sandwich-loving entrepreneur looking for the next great franchise opportunity, take a look at 10 sandwich franchises that appear to have good growth potential.

Some restaurants bidding farewell to tipping

Restaurant owners are raising prices and eliminating tipping as a way to level the playing field for all their employees in cities like Seattle and San Fransisco  where the minimum wage is rising. Although a $15 per hour minimum rate is only talked of in New York,  Rosa’s Restaurant and Pizzeria in the village of Bainbridge NY has already eliminated tipping.

Some restaurants turn to technology and boost tips

Newer payment apps and platforms can be pre-programmed for certain tipping amounts and seem to be resulting in higher tips for wait staff, cab drivers, and others. The design of the payment system itself has been found to increase tipping substantially.

Prepared foods offer business opportunities

Today’s consumers often buy  food for a meal within an hour of eating it. They are outsourcing food preparation regularly, sometimes daily. Americans are fascinated by global flavors, diet and health. See what consumers want on their menus.

This restaurant only delivers

Instead of going to Maple to eat or to pick up food, customers simply order from a rotating daily menu of fresh meals on the Maple app and then get the food delivered.

This service delivers for all top restaurants

Foodie For All is a Manhattan delivery service that delivers food from top restaurants that ordinarily don’t deliver.


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