Money and taxes

Cut expenses. Increase sales. Take all the deductions you can. Hire smart. More.

Can you claim these small business expenses?

Late in 2015, the IRS published a list of the most popular tax deductions claimed by sole proprietors. The most popular, as determined by dollar  amount, is car and truck expense. C corporations, S corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies (LLCs) can claim the same deductions, although the rules may vary somewhat for the different structures.

 5 ways to save money on printed materials

Being selective about what you have printed can save you a bundle. These tips will help you save money on less important  materials so you can get better quality where it counts.

Cash flow tips that can save money or make it

Get three tips on how to think about cash flow based on the experience of successful entrepreneurs.

Could B2B e-commerce work for you?

Determine if your products are a good fit for business to business  e-commerce with these tips.

10 ways to fund your small business

Not all funding mechanisms are equally good. To see what might fit your small business, skim these 10 debt and equity options.

Capitalize or expense? IRS updated rules in 2015

New IRS regulations provide more specific (and more complex) guidance intended to clarify  when expenditures should be capitalized or expensed.

Basic bookkeeping help from the SBA

If you don’t know anything about keeping financial records for your small business, this super-simple guide will get you started with terminology and links to additional resources.

Think before you hire a part-time accountant

Hiring outside help with the financial aspects of your business can be a smart move, or it could be a disaster. These 14 tips (including often-overlooked items) will help you hire smart for your small business.

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