By the numbers

Lists tell: ways how to make CTAs convert better, keep yourself safe online, market to smartphone users, more.

20 metaphors that explain social media perfectly

OK, they are similes, not metaphors. And the explanations aren’t perfect. However, scanning this list will help you understand why social media is a vital marketing tool for small businesses in 2016.

$10 classes to grow your business skills

Udemy, the online education sites, is having a sale. For just $10, you can take a course in contemporary marketing topics, including a certificate course in marketing, a course in getting your local business website ranking in Google, or one on Facebook marketing. Or pick up a crash course in accounting from the finance offerings. There are lots of other courses and subjects to choose from.  Hurry. This sale ends Sunday, Jan 31.

6 ways to add emotion to your CTAs

A website’s calls to action—CTAs—guide traffic to generate leads, sales, or your other ultimate goals. Research shows terms like Submit  or Download are not particularly effective. An emotional appeal increases responses far more than you might expect. Learn how to craft emotional CTAs.

5 forgotten steps that leave you vulnerable online

Most people forget to take basic actions that will keep their online activity safe. Are you one of them? Check here to see the problems and solutions.

Is your tax accountant an idiot? 3 red flags will tell

Who could resist a post headlined “3 Red Flags That Your Tax Accountant Is an Idiot” especially when it’s written by a CPA who says he is an idiot? Get the rest of the irresistible post at Entrepreneur.

1 free whitepaper on marketing to smartphone users

“Marketing to Smartphone Users: New Strategies for Driving Sales Calls”  teaches:

  • The different ways marketers are generating phone leads from smartphone users
  • How to track inbound calls back to your specific mobile ads and campaigns
  • How to see which search terms are getting people to call you
  • How to automatically score and qualify inbound calls before passing to sales
  • How to include accurate phone lead tracking data in your lead and pipeline reports

The whitepaper is free, but you’ll need to give  Business2Community  your contact information in order to download the document. On the plus side, you get access to ALL the website’s whitepapers in exchange for your information.


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Linda Aragoni

I read. I write. I think. I make big ideas simple. I help teachers teach expository writing to teens and adults. In my free time, I read and review old novels.

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