Economics of marketing

Collect the right data and acquire the right education to interpret it. Use stories to make your marketing stand out. More.

B2B marketing challenge of 2016: the process

Find the process that will solve your root-level marketing problem. If you invest the time to collect the right data and acquire the right education to interpret it, you’ll have a scientific basis for every decision you make in 2016 and beyond.


5 steps for avoiding Google penalties

Every month Google manually initiates 400,000 actions that reduce a web site’s standing in the search engine results page (SERP). Depending on your penalty, your site traffic can drop anywhere from by 10 to 50% instantly. Those manually-initiated actions are in addition to algorithmic updates that can drop traffic substantially. Learn five steps to avoid Google penalties.


Understand the numbers behind your budget

Business budgeting is making intentional financial decisions to support your business goal.This article tells you how to use your budget to reveal where you need to make business changes.

Avoid wasting marketing money by split-testing

Testing communications strategies to a small segment of the target audience before launching to the entire audience is a way to gather data on the most effective method of communication.This article gives detailed but easy to grasp information about what to test and how to use split-testing.


Next in sharing economy: Car ownership?

Starting in February at three Texas dealerships, Ford will offer vehicle leases to “self-organized groups of three to six people.”  The aim  is to find new revenue sources for the company.

How could your business or several businesses in your community benefit from shared ownership of some equipment or service?


Storytelling has economic value

Humans are not hardwired to understand logic and remember facts for long. But we understand and remember stories. Learn how to use that simple fact to make your marketing messages stand out and convert readers to customers.




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Linda Aragoni

I read. I write. I think. I make big ideas simple. I help teachers teach expository writing to teens and adults. In my free time, I read and review old novels.

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