Profitability moves

A small business owner needs to be productive now and prepare to be where trends are headed.

Boost productivity with SaaS

Some essential tasks are a drag on productivity. They may be easy but time-consuming,, or they may be short and simple but interrupt tasks that require concentration. Software may be able to handle some of those tasks. Five “Software as a Service” programs for tasks such as scheduling service calls or sending auto-responders are briefly described here.

How SBOs are using YouTube to find customers

More and more customers are finding small businesses on YouTube. The smartest small businesses are finding their customers via YouTube. Learn how those small businesses do it.

Zoho adds call management to CRM service

The business services company Zoho has integrated call management into its customer relationship management (CRM) service. The integration makes handling sales calls smoother, since all the information about customers is in a single location (your headquarters), not scattered among a number of staffers’ phones and computers.

HTTPS  pages get indexing priority over HTTP

Google is now giving priority to secure URLS, those that begin with with HTTPS instead of HTTP.  HTTP sites are more susceptible to bad guys doing things with visitors’ data than are HTTPS sites. The HTTPS also influences whether customers  trust you with their data.

The plan so far is to index secure pages rather than non-secure ones when a website appears to have same content on two pages with the two different protocols. (Indexing is the process in which a search engine’s examines a website and adds/removes its pages from future searches.)

HTTPS expected to become search ranking factor

Web developers expect Google will move toward favoring secure sites over insecure ones in search engine results pages. As reported here October 19, a webpage’s SERP position determines whether customers will find you or not.

Plan now for HTTPS in your future

Google has a guide to securing your website with HTTPS. You don’t necessarily need to know how to do it yourself, if you know enough to find people who do. Specifically, you’ll need:

  1. a web developer who can be trusted to do the initial work properly.
  2. a website maintenance person who will keep your HTTPS site compliant.
  3. money set aside to cover the costs of (1) and (2) if you don’t do the work yourself.


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