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Check your business compliance. Don’t mail late.  More, including a slideshow to make you smile

Identity theft problems for small law firms

According to LegalTech News, identity theft problems for law firms are more subtle than someone using personal data to make credit card purchases. They include such things as personal data leveraged for blackmail or a business’s information being used to subvert the course of a business deal. (Access to LegalTech News is free, but registration is required.)

Law firms should be proactive in preparing against information breeches. The Federal Trade Commission’s free publication Start with Security: A Guide for Business  gives  10 practical lessons businesses including law firms can learn from the FTC’s 50+ data security settlements.

Check your business compliance before year’s end

Failing to keep your corporation or LLC compliant can result in added fees and penalties. To make sure your company has met all its legal requirements, as the year draws to a close use this checklist to help you review.

Food label changes for food producers in the works

A bill to create a single standard for front-of-package labeling for all food products has been introduced in both houses of Congress.  It would revise everything from the ingredients list to the nutrition panel to the use of terms like “healthy” and “natural.” The Food Labeling Modernization Act (PDF) is  opposed by the National Federation of Independent Business as likely to be burdensome for small business and expensive for consumers.

Beware of employee student loan debt garnishment

Businesses can be sued for the amount of a student loan owed by a present or former employee if the business fails to comply with garnishment orders. Complying with garnishment orders is part of the payroll process.

Garnishment orders are typically delivered to businesses via their registered agent. Sole proprietors, who are not required to have registered agents, are more likely to fall victim to such suits than LLCs and corporations which must have registered agents.

Don’t miss these USPS holiday deadlines

Today’s the Postal Service deadline for ground service for less-than-urgent deliveries and over-sized packages. The other holiday deadlines are here.

A happy note: recycled holiday house slideshow

A Danish artist built a holiday house in  Copenhagen’s Nikolaj Square out of pallets and other discards he recycled. He filled it with more junk he scavanged. Then he invited the public in to transform the junk into Christmas gifts, all for free. The house and some of the gifts are shown here.


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