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 Nearly half of 2015 holiday shopping will be online

Between checking prices and product availability before heading to a store and staying at home and ordering on line, 46.1 percent of retail shopping is expected to be done online this year.  The main shopping tool is the smart phone:  37.9 percent of consumers will do their shopping with one.

November 27 sales figures bear up the predictions. This year, Black Friday retail store sales fell to $10.4 billion, down from $11.6 billion last year.

Tips for local digital marketing

Adding digital marketing to the marketing mix for a bricks-and-mortar store requires some different tricks than marketing for either an online-only store or for a store that’s used to off-line-only advertising. These 31 tips for marketing your local business digitally will help you get started.

Smallness can be a business asset

Smallness can make a business or product attractive.

  • Tiny stand-alone buildings being used in lieu of in-home offices. Some communities even making business parks for tiny stand-alone retail and service businesses.
  • A bookstore in Japan stocks only one book each week.The shop hosts an event six evenings a week to discuss that week’s book.
  • Single-serve packages are a big slice of the consumer market, used for food,  beverage, healthcare, personal-care products, cat-food, and perfume, among other things.

How might thinking small be a business advantage for you?

Best integrated business management tools

Getting one software program to play nicely with another can be a real headache. For the small business owner who lacks time and/or expertise to get software necessary for a half dozen or more business functions to work, integrated packages are a good solution. This article gives short descriptions of several general business management tools, plus a few designed for specific types of businesses, such as a law office or beauty salon.

Free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7/8

Windows 10 is drawing raves that Windows 8 never got. If you are running either Windows 8 or Windows 7, visit Microsoft to learn  about how to upgrade to Windows 10 free.

How to reach your target audience with Facebook

Besides the information its users provide, Facebook collects data from external sources such as the US Census, warranty cards, registration information, the Department of Motor Vehicles, public record information, survey data, sweepstakes, and other offline sources. You can use that information to target the customers you most want.


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