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Prepare an actionable business plan for 2016. Learn to use the tools you bought. More.

Good all-year practices beat holiday discounts

Traditional holiday retailing tricks like offering free shipping or Small Business Saturday discounts won’t help today’s small retailer. A small business operation must focus on creating advantages all year by stressing such things as brand strength, distribution, service, and customer experience.

Squarespace enables online store creation

Squarespace has launched a new suite of services that allow small business owners to create websites where commerce is the focus, not an add-on feature. Commerce plans start at $26 a month.

Whitebox does e-commerce for you

If building your own online store front is daunting even with templated help, you could let someone else handle the headaches. Whitebox is a do-it-for-you company that can handle every aspect of running an online store except marketing.

NYS sites sought for shared solar project

A solar energy company wants to lease six acre or larger parcels of flat land for New York’s Shared Renewables Program. Finished projects will let businesses and residents buy energy from renewable sources.

Use offline ads to drive online search

People often respond to ads on TV or in print by using the web. Learn how to get potential buyers to your site or to the correct landing page on your site via a URL and/or a search call to action in your offline ad.

Technology tip: Learn to use what you buy

If you’ve paid to own a technology product and don’t use it, or use only its most basic features, you have wasted money and time.  Be smart instead of being cheap: Invest in learning.

Start now to get your business ready for 2016

If your business wasn’t as successful in 2015 as you want it to be in 2016, you must make some changes. Learn seven steps to building an actionable business plan that prepares you for 2016.

Hard cider R&D center opens in Walden

On the weekend, the governor’s office announced the Innovation Cider House, home to a small-batch cidery, tasting room, and hard cider research-and-development center  on Angry Orchard’s 60-acre apple orchard in the village of Walden, Orange County.

Ideas sought to prepare Ontario region for change

Two meetings this week seek stakeholder’s input on actions  to prepare for extreme climate conditions and economic changes in the Lake Ontario region.  The first is tonight, Nov. 10, in Watertown; the second is Thursday,  Nov. 12, in Rochester.


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I read. I write. I think. I make big ideas simple. I help teachers teach expository writing to teens and adults. In my free time, I read and review old novels.

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