New twists

New business locations. New delivery methods. New tools. More.

Hard cider company moves upstate

Empire Cider Company is moving to Geneva from Beacon, NY, to take advantage of local apples and expertise, including Cornell University’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva and the Finger Lakes Community College Viticulture and Wine Center.

USDA underwrites a new taste for hospital food

The US Department of Agriculture has awarded Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus a $25,000 grant to develop a farm-to-hospital food program.

Don’t make any of these four branding goofs

Four common branding mistakes any business starting out should avoid begin with not having a clear idea what the brand stands for. Learn more here.

Mobile marketing drives sales for these SBOs

Check this condensed version of profiles of three small businesses—an orchard, a craft supply shop, and a print provider—for tips on doing mobile marketing well.  (A link to the full version is in the article.)

Coming soon: A bookkeeper on freelancers’ phones

Track, a phone app, helps freelancers with their bookkeeping. Track figures out tax withholding so freelancers pay correct amounts on time and avoid penalties. Freelancers can join the beta waiting list now.

ZOHO launches inventory management program

Zoho, one of the best and least-known of the small business office suites, has added a new service called Inventory. Inventory can be used for online-only businesses as well as for those with a physical sales site. Inventory manages order processing, customer data, tracks offline sales, and local sales. Free 14-day trial for new users.

Stamford is food delivery innovation center

An Upstater has found a way to make money from organic gardening without lifting a hoe. Mike Geller and two full-time workers pick up produce at more than two dozen farms. Then they package and deliver orders to customers within a 50 mile radius of their warehouse in Stamford, Delaware County. Mike’s Organics Delivery makes over 400 deliveries per week, pulling in $1 million in annual sales.

Understand your web and/or mobile website visitors

A new, easy-to-understand tool called Hotjar will help analyze traffic to your web and mobile site  and spot your best opportunities for improvement. Hotjar offers free signup, no credit card required.

New problem: Sugar Maples’ growth slowing

The trees that produce maple syrup, sugar maples, are in decline in the Adirondacks—and researchers don’t know why. Ecosphere journal article is here.

One of 20 tips for business growth: Plan to leave

Don Antonelli has been in business 20 years. He has 20 business-building tips, including this often-overlooked reminder:

At some point, plan for an exit strategy. While you may never execute that exact exit strategy, it’s important to have one in place. You never know what the future holds. Plan for a day when you may need to leave your business or hand it off to someone else. Design your business so that it can run in your absence; otherwise, it will hold little value to a potential buyer.



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