Business basics

Get new business. Save money. Make money. More.

Find customers right under your nose

Luring customers away from competitors is hard. It’s much easier to interest folks who don’t have an established relationship with someone in your business line. How could you attract new residents to buy from you?

How to get return traffic to your website

A few of your website visitors may buy on their first visit; most won’t. You can encourage them to come back to give you another chance to sell to them.

Share this newsletter with a business colleague

If you’re reading Rural New York Small Business Owner, you probably know someone else who should read it, too. Forward a copy of your email newsletter, or, if you’re reading online, send a link to this page.

Fresh fruits and veggies are good fast food fare

Changing tastes, particularly among millennials, mean adding fresh produce—especially if the fruits and vegetables are locally sourced—can produce a healthy profit for fast food restaurants.

Guidance for the one-person business operator

Some small businesses will always be one-person operations. If you’re that one person, you need to know these rules for solopreneur success.

Ways to save your small business money

Small businesses can save money in ways that are not always open to the big businesses, from DIY repairs to joint ordering with other businesses. Check out all five money saving tips.

Learn outlook for farms, food businesses

Registration is open for the Agricultural & Food Business Outlook Conference at Cornell University on Jan. 20, 2016. The annual conference gives information on prices, production and market trends, and government programs affecting the various sectors of New York State agriculture.

NYS liquor rule changes for craft beverages

The state Liquor Authority has approved a series of changes that improve the marketing arena for small wineries and breweries, including:

  • Salesmen can represent multiple craft beverage manufacturers.
  • Multiple manufacturers can have branch offices at a location.
  • Small breweries will be allowed to do contract brewing.
  • Many now-prohibited uses of small facilities  will be permitted.
  • Fees will be lowered for seasonal-use bars.

Chenango, Orange County farms in Morning Ag Clips

Agriculture in Chenango County was the lead story in the Oct. 19 New York edition of Morning Ag Clips. The county’s largest industry, agriculture is undergoing major changes and offers big opportunities. Two of the biggest cash crops in Orange County, onions and apples, were also highlighted in the same issue of the publication.

Rural NY Small Business Owner draws attention

Rural New York Small Business was recent click bait for the online publications #smallbiz chronicle, The Team Molino Geocaching Daily, #Dining Digest, Marcoux’s Veterinary Daily, and Small Business Marketing News.

What publicity has your business attracted lately?



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