It’s fall; holidays are ahead

Online ad placement tips in time for holidays. Tips for efficiency and cyber-security.  More.

Tip for lawyers about buying software

Lawyers at smaller law firms are not working efficiently and they generally lack skills to use technology to improve their efficiency. A former Microsoft lawyer learned the hard way to buy software that fits how lawyers work.

Why are so many getting social media wrong?

A cartoon shows what businesses do wrong in social media. FYI, marketer and cartoonist Tom Fishurne offers a marketing cartoon by email each week. It’s easy, fun way to build your marketing chops.

Is your business cyber-secure? Find out.

Cyberattacks have victimized 44 percent of small businesses at an average cost of about $9,000 per attack.  The Small Business Administration has tips, tools, resources, and webinars to help you deal with the threats. Some tips are simple, such as using strong passwords and changing them frequently.

Nominate exceptional entrepreneurs for SBA honors

The SBA is seeking nominations from the public for exceptional entrepreneurs in 13 different categories.  More information is at this link, including 36 pages of guidelines (SBA is a government program, folks.).

Target ads, reduce ad cost, with Bing Ads

Targeted ads are within the reach of rural small businesses with Bing Ads. Bing lets businesses narrow their target audience by paying a bonus above the basic bid for clicks that meet criteria the business specifies, such as  age group, location, device, etc. So instead of paying for clicks on “pizza,” you could pay only for clicks on pizza by folks using tablets or smartphones as they travel the Interstate near your exit.

Google changes to employ for holiday retailing

Google’s Shopping Campaigns and Product Listing Ads (PLA)  have changed. Three significant changes for holiday selling:

  • The Shopping Assortment report shows popular products retailers may be missing from their feed or product line.
  • Product feeds need SEO; the promotional lines of text below Product Listing Ads are now pulled automatically from retailers’ feeds.
  • Google is also giving priority to local (“near me“) inventory ads which can promote online or store-only products.

Pride of New York branding materials available

Banners, stickers and other branding materials to display alongside local New York State products are now available for growers and producers at the  Pride of New York fulfillment house (under “About the Program”).

Vehicle use tracking via data from wireless app

Vehicles can be a big business expense. Automatic, a free phone app that works with a $100 wireless adapter may be a good investment for businesses that depend on their vehicles. As more apps that work with Automatic are developed, savings in bookkeeping may make it a good deal.

Flood insurance requirements changing soon

Federally regulated or insured lenders now must require flood insurance on properties in areas at high risk of flooding. FEMA wants the new rules in effect Dec. 16 of  this year. Learn the insurance requirements for your flood risk area.  If you’re not sure if your property is in a high risk area, take your Risk Profile to learn more.  See if your business is in a community that participates in the National Flood Program. To see if your area’s flood map is due for an update enter your zip code here.


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