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Responsive, mobile-friendly websites. Facebook ad campaigns. Twitter interactions.  More.

Cooperate and innovate to boost your business

In small towns, the viability of one business depends on the health of the others. Check out these six different business models that improve the business landscape by (1) collaborating or (2) by re-imagining urban, big-business techniques for rural, small business settings.

Is your website fit to be seen on mobile?

Although 31% of internet page views  occur on mobile devices, 88.2% of websites are poorly designed for mobile experiences. As a result, they are penalized by search engines.  Learn how responsive design uses HTML and CSS (a great metaphor makes understanding the two easy) and how to test your site to see if it is responsive.

Marketing on Facebook without spending a fortune

Here’s a way to score on Facebook while spending only $5 a week on boosted posts. The article contains tips for creating good photos and video that you can use many places other than Facebook.  And here are tips for running a Facebook ad campaign, which requires more time and money.

Engage on Twitter before you promote

Twitter can be a great way to reach customers and influencers like bloggers, reporters, and big names in your field.. Here’s a good, quick tip sheet on how to use Twitter to build relationships and earn sales.

Potential buyers visit Hudson Valley suppliers

On Tuesday state  restaurateurs, chefs, and news media joined Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball on a tour of Hudson Valley farms and processors that  supply local food. The Taste NY Culinary Tour stopped in Ulster County at Hepworth Farms and Bad Seed Cider and in Dutchess County at Hudson Valley Fresh.

New push to promote New York’s forest products

New marketing and educational initiatives to support and grow the state’s forest products industry were announced Monday. Wood products were added to The Pride of New York branding program. The state will also increase recruitment and training of loggers.

Farms, rural small businesses offered grants

The USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) offers farms and rural small businesses both grants and guaranteed loans for renewable energy production and energy efficiency improvements in fiscal year 2016. Hurry. REAP application cut-off dates are as early as Nov. 2, 2015  for FY ’16.

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