Monday miscellany

Technology can help with customer service or make your business card move big ticket items. More.

Make tech take orders, supply answers

Big business is using intelligent digital assistants to help customers. Small businesses can use free or cheap technology to answer questions and take orders. To illustrate, the article uses Siri, an Apple app.

Processed food producers fight fresh food rules

The preserved-food industry is pouring money into campaigns to reduce the  fresh foods available to children in food deserts. This would impact not only poor children, a quarter of whom live in rural counties, but also farmers in rural communities.

‘Moving picture’ biz card for high ticket sales

SBOs selling products or services priced in thousands of dollars may want to look at business cards printed with lenticular technology, which makes a picture appear to move. See a real estate agent’s lenticular business card.

Log grown mushrooms now official NYS crop

Under a newly signed law, New York farmers who actively manage log-grown woodland mushrooms on their property will be able to designate the woodland site as agricultural land, thereby qualifying for tax breaks and other benefits. Log-mushroom farming can be profitable by its second year and make $9K in profit with a 500 log operation over five years.

Search is best local business marketing channel

Local search generates 23 percent of website traffic for local businesses. According to Google, customers use up to 10 different sources when choosing local business and brands to purchase from. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly, with quality links, quality content, and hyperlocal keywords.

Recent EPA action in upstate New York

  • SUNY Brockport will use about $1.2 million in EPA grant money to monitor wetlands along Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The work is part of the EPA’s Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring Program.
  • DuPont has agreed to pay a fine of $724,000 in settlement of Clean Air Act violations relating to a 2010 fire and explosion at its chemical plant in Tonawanda.
  • EPA has finalized changes to the superfund site cleanup plan at AVX property in Olean.

Learning opportunities

RuralNYsbo is getting attention

In the last six weeks,  has been mentioned in these online publications:  Building You, MessagingApps, #MobileMarketing, 800-TRUCK-HELP WEEKLY, Notepad, #Learning & Development Insider, and Business Coach News.

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