Do new FDA processor rules affect you?

Why rural small business website about pages need photos. Current tech for law firms. Help with hiring. More

You’re probably wasting money these ways

To avoid falling into one of the top five ways entrepreneurs waste money, don’t miss these tips and actions to take this week.

See if new FDA rules affect your food business

The FDA recently released Preventive Controls Rule for Human Food  covers facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food for consumption in the US. If that description fits your business do these three things in order:

  1. Check to see whether you are exempt from registering.
  2. If you aren’t exempt from registering, check whether you are you belong to one of the farm mixed-type and small-scale facilities that are exempt from the rules.
  3. If your facility is fully covered by the rules, check the requirements, including alternate requirements for facilities that supply from farms and small facilities.

Ideas for website about pages

Today’s consumers expect web sites to engage with them. That means having an about page with personality. Here are some About pages for inspiration.  Tip:  In rural communities,  business owner(s) and employees are walking ads for the business; identify them with photos.

Two small business tips for rural NY law firms

Note: A free ALM account is required to read the Legaltech News articles linked to here.

  1. In the legal field, there are still people using the equivalent of pay phones. Here are some ways to tell if your firm is one of the technological laggards, and how to adjust accordingly.
  2. Security should be a top priority for law firms, but when asked this year if their firm was ever infected with virus/spyware/malware, 42.4 percent said yes; 34.9 percent said no; and 22.7 percent did not know. Read more.

Help for small business hiring

This very basic guide to hiring will help if you’re new to hiring or haven’t had to hire in a while.  These tips on social media to fill jobs are useful not only for hiring employees but also for finding freelancers, a.k.a. “1099 workers.”

Franchise list for wannabe business owners

This list of 158 recently started franchises is a good place for a budding entrepreneur to start thinking about what kind of business to start. Even if buying a franchise has no appeal, the list may suggest a problem to solve or need to meet with a new, rural New York business .

More off-road Northville-Placid Trail added

More than 23 miles of new trail on the Northville-Placid Trail route were opened last week The new trail reroutes eliminating 15.5 miles of road walking along the route. Communities along the 135-mile route from Fulton County to Essex County hope the changes will bring more tourists to the area.

North Country picks priorities for state funding

Two projects that would create indoor agricultural opportunities in the Malone area were among 23 proposals across a seven-county region designated last week by the North County Regional Economic Development Council as priorities for state funding .



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