Waste not, want not

Plan your startup right. Don’t waste money. News from the food front.

Start and maintain a business that cannot fail

Keeping from failing means using your head. If you are just thinking about a business you can use these eight questions to get started right. And if you are already in business, using the questions to reassess your business can lead to bigger profits. Tip: Be sure to use the Actions This Week guidance.

Legal help for those aspiring to be the next Apple

Businesses with fewer than 10 employees rarely need help with IPOs and such, but StartupLawyer.com has a glossary that can be helpful in deciphering legal lingo for those seeking to incorporate.

Make your money go further

PC Magazine‘s newsletter Best Deals not only finds the best deals in technology like computers, cameras, and software, but also offers items such as a $100 CVS Pharmacy Gift Card for $88 (with free shipping) or a year of Amazon Prime for $69. Choose it and other free newsletters from pc.mag.

Do you buy online ads?

Depending on the study you read, the proportion of the ad impressions seen by actual people runs between 2 and 20 percent. So-called click fraud will cost companies more than $6 billion this year.

Online commerce alternatives to Amazon Webstore

Amazon has tapped Shopify as the provider to whom Amazon customers will migrate when it discontinues its Webstore in 2016, but Shopify isn’t the only alternative. Other online commerce options are available that create a mobile, tablet, and desktop website with merchant features such as payment processing, shipping services, and inventory and order management.

News from the food front

  • A county-level study shows crop diversity declining nationwide, but New York is in one of the areas with the most crop diversity.  Diversity insulates us  from environmental threats that wipe out whole crops in a region, putting the region, as well as its farmers, at risk.
  • Operators of community-supported agriculture businesses are younger and have more formal education than traditional farmers. CSAs’ direct marketing approach does not insulate them from traditional farm risks.
  • Target has joined Walmart, Google, and Amazon in trying for a slice of the big, lucrative grocery delivery  business. Customers want the convenience of online ordering  plus home- or in-store delivery.
  • Kroger has entered the organic grocery business with main-stream affordable prices,  and its own line of organic products.  Kroger also allows consumers to use social media and other technology in store.
  • Hank’s X-tra Special bean will bake again. Once grown in Ghent, the heirloom bean  is grown again in the Hudson Valley through joint efforts of farmers, restaurateurs, the Hudson Valley Seed Library, and the agricultural nonprofit Glynwood.


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