Start, expand, or rethink a business

Don’t lose your vision. Do your homework. Look for new opportunities.

Information for trucking industry startups

The Small Business Administration has published two blog posts of information for people interested in starting a trucking business. The first discusses the highly competitive trucking industry and gives guidelines to save a startup  time, money, and energy. The second covers specific rules and regulations of the industry.

Price services a bit above what feels comfortable

If you sell a service, work to attract customers who understand the value of spending more to hire someone who provides service better than the rest. You are better than your competitors, aren’t you?

Exporting to Cuba: What you need to know

Bureau of Industry (BIS) under the U.S. Department of Commerce has printed guidance about exporting to Cuba. The agency has also scheduled phone conferences on the topic at 2 p.m. ET on Oct. 13, Nov. 10, and Dec.8. Toll Free Number: 1-888-889-0538. Participant passcode: CUBA

Learn a lesson from troubled golden arches

This year McDonald’s will close more restaurants it owns in the U.S. than it opens, and franchise owners aren’t happy either. The problem: Going trendy and ignoring its fundamental vision of serving good food, fast.

Get free professional-level social media training

Hootsuite, the social media management system, is introducing a new, free social media education program called Podium. Hootsuite’s training is so good, it’s used at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University.

Amazon launches a $50 tablet and three more

Amazon has four new tablets out. The $49.95 won’t run business software, but it might be useful for such things as:

  • showing a video to a customer at a work site
  • having store visitors  take a survey while they wait to check out
  • getting permission to send customers marketing messages by collecting their email address or cell number while you ring up their sale.

Bloomberg: Rent crisis is about to get worse

With rent costs rising faster than wages, the number of consumers spending 50 percent or more of household income on rent is rising. Especially hard hit will be the poor—more prevalent in rural than in urban areas—the elderly, and children under age 6.  Renters’ problems can present challenges  and/or opportunities for small businesses.

Save on interest on credit card balance

Chase Slate, with its lengthy 0% intro APR and no balance transfer fee, can save you a bundle if you’re currently paying interest on another credit card.

Are you ready for pheasant hunters?

The DEC will release about 30,000 adult pheasants on lands open to public hunting for the pheasant hunting season, which begins Oct. 1 in northern and eastern portions of New York, Oct. 17 in central and western portions.

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