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New methods. New markets. New money. New business space. New skills.

What is Social? Get answer free from Northwestern

Northwestern University began the first of six massive open online courses in social media yesterday. It is 4 weeks, 1-3 hours study/week. Usually folks can get into a  MOOC any time in week one, so if you’re interested, give a click. Unless you sign up for Signature Track, the MOOC is free.

$15 minimum wage will hurt, Farm Bureau says

With its average agriculture wage rate already $12.15, New York State’s rural economy would be hurt by Governor Cuomo’s proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15, the New York Farm Bureau says.

“Old skills” businesses can be re-imagined

While businesses built on the latest technology make headlines, many small businesses find a niche by putting a new spin on old technology. This entrepreneur has an online framing business.

NY farmers can apply for grant funding

The New York Farm Viability Institute (NYFVI) is seeking proposals for its competitive grant program.  The projects may range from improving operational practices through applied research and education to developing new routes to market for product. Proposals up to $150,000 will be accepted. Applications for funds are due by Nov. 15, 2015.

You’ve heard of minoring in beer? You really can.

This fall,  Paul Smith’s College hospitality students will study the financial impact of the Adirondack Craft Beverage Trail, which extends from Clifton Park to Lake Placid, and suggest ways local firms can enhance their bottom line through creative cross-marketing efforts. The college, which may soon get a name change, also offers a minor  in Craft Beer Studies.

What to consider before you rent business space

Start looking early. Know your needs. Know the potential pitfalls. This article assumes you’ll use a commercial real estate broker. If you won’t, you really need this primer.

Farmers markets have diversified

Farmers markets, like other types of businesses have changed to meet demands for new products and services. They are no longer the primary way to sell local food.

Facebook  Messenger now #2 mobile app

Facebook was booed when it forced people to use Messenger instead of the main Facebook app to reply to private messages , but the strategy paid off. Messenger now reaches 59.5 percent of the app audience, behind the Facebook app, with 73.3 percent. The recently launched Businesses on Messenger is aimed at helping small businesses connect with customers.

FDA issues food safety rule for food processors

The FDA has  issued the final Preventive Controls Rule setting new food safety standards for food processing facilities. The rule will be published  Sept. 17 in the Federal Register,  and compliance timelines will kick in then..



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