Finish 2015 strong

New hut-to-hut tourism initiative.  Why special orders matter. Farm insurance availability expanded.

Evaluate and adjust now for strong finish to 2015

Check your financials and adjust procedures to end the year strong and enter 2016 in a better position to improve your business.  Among other things, you ought to plan and prepare for doing better online marketing in 2016. Start by planning your 2015 holiday promotions now.

Hut-to-Hut recreation trail system launched

New York has launched a new initiative to create a  “Hut-to-Hut” recreation trail system linking lodging and other local visitor amenities with public lands within the Upper Hudson Recreation Hub of the Adirondacks.  This area encompasses the Adirondack Park towns of  Newcomb, Minerva, Indian Lake, Long Lake, and North Hudson.

Tech giants expanding into grocery deliveries

Google is reportedly testing grocery deliveries in San Francisco and other other city, trying to tap $10.9 billion-and-growing grocery delivery business. And that other tech giant, Amazon, is piloting farm-to-table produce deliveries in Southern California.

Services providers can make product for new market

Service providers sell knowledge: legal, technical, finance, etc. Some people who need that knowledge may not be able to afford to hire the service. That may create an opening for the provider to spin off a product.

Consider using phone apps to reach customers

Business owners ought to think about how to use apps to deliver their marketing messages. In the US, the under-30 generation users are increasingly relying on messaging apps on their smartphones instead of SMS text messages, and older smartphone users aren’t far behind.

Special orders, the weirder the better

Marketing guru Seth Godin explains why taking special orders is good for business.

Whole-Farm Revenue Protection expanded

The USDA announced the expansion of the Whole-Farm Revenue Protection crop insurance to every county in every state. WFRP policies cover crops and animals. In addition,  beginning farmers who started farming in 2012 will now be eligible to purchase a WFRP policy.

Gillibrand gives DC a taste of NY

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is hosting “New York Farm Day” this evening in the elegant Senate Kennedy Caucus Room at the crest of Capitol Hill to showcase the state’s agricultural products.



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