Should you extend credit to customers?

$25K offered to entrepreneurs. Onion production threatened by pests. School lunch food fight looms.

Enter soon to win $25K to grow your business

Entrepreneur and Canon USA are looking for three entrepreneurs who can demonstrate how winning this funding will help them increase business productivity. Contest deadline is Sept. 15.

Tips for creating a credit policy

Startups need to decide whether to extend credit to business customers. This 6-minute read explains the factors to consider. It also details what to ask on a credit application so you can gauge the credit-worthiness of the business.

Small businesses get broadband access

As one condition of its acquisition of DirecTV, the Federal Communications Commission says AT&T must offer all-fiber service to home offices, very small businesses, schools, and libraries located within its footprint.

Leek moth could threaten NYS onion production

Register by Sept. 8 for a free workshop to be held Sept. 14 in Saratoga Springs on managing leek moth and other threats to organic and conventional onion, garlic, and leek crops. Get more information about the leek moth threat.

Food fight festering over school lunch program

Congress must vote this fall on the Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) bill. The CNR not only potentially affects children’s health, but also farm-to-school programs that affect local farmers.

Apply soon for advanced beginner farmer training

New York farmers with 3 to 9 year’s experience are invited to apply by Sept. 15 for a spot on a New Farmer Profit Team in this fall’s cohort. Those selected received customized, one-on-one guidance for 18 to 24 months. A second round of applicants will be accepted in spring of 2016.

Cobleskill area redevelopment deal a no-go

A deal predicted to eventually bring 900 jobs to Schoharie County fell through when the lead company found renovation of the Guilford Mills off I88 was not feasible.


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