NLRB ruling extends union representation

You can change your business structure. You may need to adjust your  expectations to finance retirement by selling your business. More.

NLRB: Unions can represent franchise, contract workers

Last Thursday the National Labor Relations Board ruled that unions can negotiate on behalf of workers employed at franchises or as contractors. The ruling expected to impact a broad range of U.S. industries built on franchising and contract labor, from fast food and hospitality to security and construction.

In marketing, you can never rest

Know when its time to change your marketing approach, media, or even outsource it. Four successful marketers share harsh lessons from lost sales and lost effort. (Don’t you feel better knowing good marketers sometimes do bad marketing?)

The examples in this article are mainly from larger businesses, but its eight ways of doing cost-controlled marketing hold for businesses of any size.

You can change your business structure

If your business needs change, you can change your legal business structure. For example if you began operating as a sole proprietor, you can change to a limited liability company (LLC).   Be sure you and your attorney meet the deadlines for filing paperwork. You’ll save a lot of trouble by timing the change for the end of your tax year.

Webinars aimed at turning veterans into SBOs

Small Business Administration and the Veterans Business Resource Center are offering a series of webinars on small business topics. Some of the content is specific to veteran-owned small businesses, but most is relevant to all SBOs. The series is presented on most Wednesdays from 3-4 p.m.

Why your business won’t fund your retirement

Small businesses who plan to fund their retirement by selling their businesses are in for a shock. They may not be able to sell their businesses when they want to, or get the amount they want from the sales. Learn what you should think about long before you hit retirement age—like names of potential buyers and their expectations—and what to include in your plan B.

Hancock-area SBOs unite over water releases

A group of Hancock-area business owners has joined forces to lend a unified voice to their pleas regarding water releases from the Cannonsville and Pepacton reservoirs by New York City’s DEP. [Paywalled]

 Know other SBOs who need this publication?

You can forward the copy you got in your email to them with a note suggesting they “follow the blog” to get their own subscription. Getting it by email is the best way for folks to see how well the schedule and format works for them.

And if have a good contact in your local chamber, I’d appreciate your suggesting Rural New York Small Business Owner would be a great member benefit for the chamber to offer.



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