Challenges for SBOs from algae, Amazon

Storm mitigation money OK’d for Essex County. Rochester discovery good news for solar cell businesses.

Lakes have blue-green algae blues

Seneca Lake has its first official case of blue-green algae, which form ‘blooms’ that discolor the water and produce floating scums on the water surface. The floating scums can be hazardous to people and animals. An algae bloom has also been identified in Canadarago Lake in Otsego County.

Amazon Prime begins booze deliveries

Amazon said Tuesday it will begin delivering wine, beer and spirits to U.S. customers as part of its speedy delivery service, Prime Now, which already has on-demand grocery delivery. Amazon plans to add its own food line with items such as such as milk, cereal, and baby food. The growing grocery delivery market depends on regional hubs for warehousing and distribution.

Secessionists seek split from NYC metro area

Upstate groups will hold a rally in the Chenango County on Sunday to build support for upstate to secede from downstate. Voters will decide in 2017 whether to have a constitutional convention. A convention is required to consider changes to the state constitution, including secession. In his 2010 platform, Gov. Cuomo called for a constitutional convention.

Rochester discovery good for solar cell businesses

Natcore Technology Inc. has found a way to substitute aluminum for silver in mass-produced solar cells with no loss in performance. Because silver represents 11 percent of the cost of a solar module, the Rochester company’s discovery could give a big boost to businesses that manufacture, sell, and install solar cells. Solar energy boasts a network of grassroots support groups around the state.

SBO begins national distribution of granola

Five-year-old Gatherer’s Granola, which already distributed through local and regional businesses, shipped its first national distribution to Vitamin Shoppe the end of July. The Schenectady firm has the equivalent of eight full-time employees.

Storm mitigation money OK’d for Essex County.

Federal funds were approved for work on William Petro Dam in Essex County to prevent flood damage from severe storms.  Flooding from Hurricane Irene did over a million dollars’ damage to public infrastructure and extensive damage to Port Henry businesses.

Hikers see what Hudson River school artists saw

Escarpment Trail in  Windham is the only New York trail included in seven hikes in the footsteps of American artists on, the website of the Appalachian Mountain Club. From the trail people can see scenes that inspired Thomas Cole and his students at the Hudson River School.

Pick your customers

Having more good customers is better than having more customers. Tweak your marketing messages to  attract your best customers and communicate to your worst clients that they’d be better off going somewhere else.


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