Sweet tooth times

Help for business startups. Business emergency preparedness.  Best upstate spots to find apple pies and other sweet treats.

Webinar 2 pm today on chip card technology

SBOs who accept credit and/or debit cards need to know how the change to chip card technology could hit them in the wallet. If you don’t know about the Oct. 1  liability change associated with the EMV chips, a free webinar by SBA and Square at 2 pm Wednesday, Aug. 26, will explain. To see if space is still available, click here.

Startup help for aspiring entrepreneurs

All startups aren’t created equal. Here are three resources for entrepreneurs with different business focuses.

Some potential business owners prefer buying a franchise to setting up business on their own. In a post at on the SBA.gov blog, The Franchise King®, Joel Libava, tells potential franchisees what to expect and how to behave when they begin scouting franchise opportunities.

Non-franchise businesses need to pick a business name. Finding a good one is harder than it sounds.  Start by searching for a good domain name, since no business born after 2010 should be without one. Here’s more on naming a business, courtesy of the Small Business Administration.

Some potential business owners want to do social good as well as make a profit. Four in five social entrepreneurs never start a business because they’re too afraid of failure.  A free webinar for potential social entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid of getting up early will tell them how they can avoid failure to launch. It’s set for 7 am on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

Prepare your business for emergencies

This tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina should remind SBOs to be prepared for emergencies from power outages to a key employee out sick. Here are four simple tips on what to do. The Small Business Administration has materials to help you plan and prepare for worst-case scenarios.

Power up your laptop to learn to farm

Registration is open for 16 online courses to be offered this fall, winter and spring through the Northeast Beginning Farmer Project. The Cornell Small Farms Program courses will train farmers to be tech-savvy business people.

Sweet news for upstate food businesses

The Finger Lakes Sweet Treat Trail was voted among America’s top 10 best food trails by USA Today’s readers.

NewYorkUpstate.com found the best apple pies upstate are in Phoenicia, East Rochester, Saratoga Springs, Lowville, East Aurora, Johnstown, Hancock, Peru, Syracuse, Cortland, Windham, and Fly Creek.


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