Craft beverage industry gets boosts

Changes in state law and a federal grant will aid micro-breweries. SBOs can use webcam video for business promotions.

Craft beverage industry gets boosts

Gov. Cuomo signed legislation last week that:

  • allows farm distilleries statewide to sell gifts and souvenirs;
  • authorizes retail stores to conduct tastings of liquor, beer and cider; and
  • exempts micro-breweries from redundant tax filing requirements.

Also last week, a federal grant to study the possibility of a new craft brewing incubator in eight-county Southern Tier region was announced.

Why antibiotic-free chickens are trending

Customer demand for antibiotic-free meat and poultry is motivated by fear of superbugs that aren’t fazed by antibiotics because they’ve grown up in a world full of antibiotics. (Penicillin inventor Alexander Fleming predicted this would happen when his drug became widely prescribed.)

Contaminated meat isn’t the only problem. People can also be exposed to superbugs in soil and groundwater fouled with animal waste.

Publish webcam video to YouTube

The latest video from British educator and trainer Russell Stannard tells how upload original webcam video to YouTube at the press of a button. SBOs can use Stannard’s teacher-targeted website to  learn for free how to use popular communications technologies. Video can personalize a business and mark a SBO as a subject matter expert.

Orange geocaching promotes art, tourism, farms

One way Orange County promotes economic development is through the Farm Art Geo Tour, an ongoing geocaching event that draws between 50 to 100 participants each week.  Geocaching is a high-tech, outdoor treasure hunt. Players use GPS coordinates to find hidden objects and solve a puzzle.  The Farm Art Tour caches are on farms that have stores open to the public. The tour ends at the Wallkill River School of Art gallery in Montgomery.

Learning to be rural

A girl from a “big town, little city” learned how to be rural. What would you add to what it means to be rural?

Are we hitting the sweet spot yet?

We’re feeling our way along, looking for an about-right number of stories and mix of subjects. How are we doing on the number of stories?

Thanks for clicking. If you have anything else to add, please put a note in the comments. Your feedback will help us know what to look for to help you in your rural New York business.



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