Natural gas pipeline plan tabled

NYS distributor tables its plans for natural gas delivery along the I-88 corridor. Ideas for boosting online sales, improving website security.

NY natural gas distributor shifts focus to PA

Natural gas distributor Leatherstocking Gas Co. LLC is shifting its attention to Pennsylvania, citing the DEC’s lengthy Constitution Pipeline review process as the reason for its change of plan.The  Pipeline’s route would stretch from Susquehanna County, Pa., along the Interstate 88 corridor into Schoharie County.  Leatherstocking was to have piped gas from the Constitution Pipeline to nearby communities.

Storage facility loan program expanded

USDA’s Farm Service Agency expanded its Farm Storage Facility Loan  program to provide very low-interest financing to farmers to build or upgrade storage for unprocessed meat and poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, flowers, hops, rye, and aquaculture. The program is expected help farm operations meet increasing customer demand for healthy, regional foods.

Farm to school programs are potential beneficiaries of better storage facilities.  Farm to school programs enjoy substantial public support, a new national survey found.

Ideas for getting more sales online

From Small Biz Trend‘s 11 ways to generate online sales, pick one or two to try. Put one into operation. Track results so you know how well it works for you. Then either add a second idea or replace your first, if that was a dud. Track again.

Remember, even if yours is an online business not all sales need to be generated online. Some of the 11 tips work offline, too. You can, for example, reach out to groups of people and do cross-promotions in person.

Prove yourself creditworthy to online lenders

Online lenders methods of assessing a potential borrower’s creditworthiness aren’t terribly different from traditional  lenders. Learn what they look for, what turns them off.

Immigrants to Buffalo find Erie County farm jobs

Legal refugees fleeing persecution in countries like Sudan and Napal are doing jobs that Erie County farmers haven’t been able to fill because of problems with undocumented workers. A Cornell Cooperative Extension staffer saw the refugees’ need for jobs as a match for farmers’ need for workers who live in the area.

Elsewhere in the US,  farmers are paying up to $17 an hour for Latino workers to harvest fruit and vegetable crops.

Your website needs to be secure is accepting requests for early access to its online security community. Joining SECUR1TY (the name is spelled with the numeral 1 in place of the L.) gives you free access to its search engine, free tools, and security grading system to help you prevent security breeches and malware infections.

The company hasn’t posted prices yet, but it’s common practice to offer the early access list discounted prices.  Secur1ty is based downstate in SOHO.

On a lighter note

You know about farm-to-school and farm-to-table. Now there’s ballet to farm.

Enjoy your weekend.



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