Rural NY job outlook improving, mostly

Most areas of rural NY are recovering from negative job growth numbers. Also: tips for marketing, better biz credit rating.

Rural NY lack new job growth

Three of every four jobs created in NY from 2009 to 2014 were downstate, but upstate cities  showed job growth. Rural areas—Central New York, North Country, Southern Tier, Mohawk Valley—are still doing poorly in 2015 although only the Southern Tier had negative job numbers so far this year.

Improve your business credit rating

Your business credit report determines how easy it is for your business to get credit. To improve your  scores, use these five tips from the SBA.

Two marketing tips that customers will like

1. Few businesses sell a unique product or service. To stand out, a
business needs a human face. Check these suggestions for differentiating your business in a digital marketplace.

2. Customers crave video. They want it short. They want it often. Learn easy, cheap ways to produce video that draws repeat customers—and do it without a video recorder.

Verizon ditches 2-year contracts

Verizon Wireless is trading two-year contracts for monthly payments, which give SBOs the flexibility to change carriers without worrying about early termination fees. Details of the newest price plan are here. The Verizon move is part of a trend among mobile carriers to stop charging for voice minutes and charge for data use instead.

Text message acronyms for business

These explanations of the acronyms most commonly used in business communication by text and email—we don’t mean LOL—will help you respond quickly without needing to look up what terms mean.

Cooperative extension eyes changes

Cornell University is one of 13 land-grant institutions nationwide thinking about the work of  cooperative extension programs in the next 100 years. Among other things, participants are looking at ways to bring the arts, humanities, and design into cooperative extension.

This is a good time for SBOs and rural arts organizations to look at Cornell’s multimedia site to see how they could prepare to benefit from future changes in CCE programming.

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