NNY food hub draft report done

Further minimum wage increases are unlikely soon. Customer care is a marketing tool. MORE

Local leaders sought to protect local farms

Oneida, Madison and Onondaga county residents are being recruited to learn how to participate in local planning meetings and speak up for the farms in their community. The training institute, established by the American Farmland Trust and Cornell University, consists of five day-long leadership training sessions from November 2015 through February 2016.

Participation can be applied for land use training credits NYS requires for planning and zoning board members.

More minimum wage hikes unlikely soon

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who used his executive powers to phase in a $15 minimum hourly rate for fast food workers, wants to broaden the increase to more workers. John DeFrancisco, newly appointed deputy senate majority leader, says Republicans will resist that increase.

NNY local food hub draws interest

One hundred and twenty-five farmers, 25 buyers and 254 consumers responded to a survey to assess key player’s interest in a local food hub for the Northern NY region that includes Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties. The NNY Agricultural Development Program website has the full project report as a downloadable, 4-page PDF.

Monthly reports could help you make money

Some small business owners leave the financial stuff to the bookkeeper or accountant when information in their monthly financial reports could help them make more money. Here’s what the small business experts at American Express recommend you look for in your financial reports.

Customer care is marketing

Being proactive about customer service may be the best way for non-retail and online-only businesses to get repeat business and encourage their customers to recommend them to other potential clients.


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