Intro to food labels for producers

In this issue: an introduction to food labeling, three tech tools, next-steps after setting up a website, and how horses are helping New York.

A primer on food labels for producers

Businesses that plan to produce food products for sale should be familiar with the FDA’s food labeling requirements before they pay for food labels. This article gives an overview and links to a free, more detailed ebook from a company that produces food labels.

3 cool tech tools

The Lenovo Ideacentre 300 will turn any TV or monitor with HDMI technology into a working PC. It comes WiFi and  Bluetooth enabled, uses Windows as its operating system, so it can be used for multimedia and for work. The retail price is $129—less than many tablets.  Businesses could put a TV their store, and show YouTube videos to training customers how to do use their products. Or they could original videos made by the store staff or by helpful customers.

Visual organizers can be helpful for meeting agendas and for planning projects, especially those that involve several people.  Trello boards are basically lists of items ([photos as well as text) that you drag and drop to create visual organizers showing what’s to be done. Trello syncs across devices and lets you upload files.  Trello is a free service (it does require registration).

Every so often most business people get a PDF that they need to convert to Word so they can manipulate the data. Here’s list from SmashingApps of eight free tools that will do the conversion.

Use your domain name for branding

Being online doesn’t stop with putting up a website. Here are five short tips on what to do next to turn your online presence into online customer engagement, starting with using your domain name to brand your business.

Horses are growing New York businesses

New York State is the most lucrative horse racing venue in the US and out of state investors are flocking to put money into its thoroughbred industry.  A host of related businesses—real estate, veterinary services, for example—are starting or expanding to meet the demand. Morrisville State College offers a bachelors’ degree in equine science to equip students with associate degrees to work in the state’s horse industry.


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