Two new changes could be costly

Good morning.

Today’s digest looks at two potentially costly changes for businesses and two ways  rural New York small business owners can promote their businesses at a nominal cost.

Employee health help can hurt you

Some small employers who don’t care to set up an official group insurance policy help employees with health insurance costs.  Under a new IRS rule that went into effect July 1, 2015,  employers who are found to be assisting employees with the cost of health care through supplemental income can be fined $100 a day per employee.

Liability shift embedded in EMV chip

Credit card companies are sending out new, more secure credit cards with customer data contained on an embedded chip, called an EMV chip. To get merchants to accept the new EMV cards, American credit card companies are shifting liability for fraud from themselves to merchants. As of Oct. 1, 2015, if your point-of-sale system doesn’t accept EMV cards and there’s fraud, you could be held liable. A credit card industry insider has tips to help you figure out the best options for your business.

Free customer service chat option

Millennials, and many older people, prefer online chat to other means of customer support. Userlike offers a free chat opinion that would allow a B2B operation to try chat on its website. Customers say that installation is easy to set up and Userlike is very security conscious.

Pets bring business

Successful marketing need not cost big bucks. Word of mouth marketer Andy Sernovitz tells how three businesses used pets to get customers to promote those businesses in stories and  photos.